Its Last Insult?

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Yesterday I put a deposit down on a sexy black Jeep Liberty, and today I took the final trip out to Salem in my Camry.

I thought a lot about that today as I was on my way to my mom’s house.

This is the last time Elise is going to comment from the backseat that she can’t hear the radio. This is the last time I won’t have enough room in the trunk for a basket of laundry. This is the last time I will risk getting stuck in my mom’s stupid steep, snowy driveway.

38-15Three days away from four wheel drive, and my mom had to call AAA to tow me out, because I tried pushing while Kayla gunned the gas pedal, and all that happened was I got a lungful of exhaust fumes and burned rubber.

This fucking car.

I’ve had this car almost as long as I’ve had Elise. I bought it before her first birthday, in August 2006 I believe. I remember test driving cars with Mike and Elise, my poor baby in a spica cast and strapped to what the children’s hospital called it’s excuse for a car seat that we could use with the cast.

I remember how happy I was when I bought this car. It was so sleek and clean and ran like a beaut compared to my last beater. What a great deal it was at the time, a deal I didn’t think I could beat – until now.

And then the brakes needed to be replaced. Twice. The exhaust started falling out from under the car. Again, and again. And then again. The doors will lock and unlock themselves while I’m driving. Then one day I realized that I couldn’t lock my car at all anymore because it would set off an alarm that would then lock me out of the car for hours in a ridiculous anti-theft move. The radio goes staticky when you turn on the defroster.

But it’s almost over now. It will be over Tuesday.

I can’t wait to say goodbye.

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