It’s too early 

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Fuck you, weather. 

Fuck you for dropping into the low 40’s on the second day of October. 

The temperature has no business being this low today. There should be a law against this! 

The heat came on automatically tonight, as it does when the inside of my house goes below 52 degrees.

What is this shit?! 

I should have another month of mild to chilly fall days. Not this sudden plunge in degrees that sends me to digging out my thick hoodies and slippers and extra blankets for the bed! 

Fuck you, weather! Seriously, go home, you’re drunk! 

2 Comments on “It’s too early ”

    1. Ugggghhhhh. I can’t even say this is my hell – my hell is when it’s below zero with feet upon feet of snow piled up around my house for months. WINTER IS COMING!!!

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