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Elise is at her first real sleepover at a friend’s house! My friend Stef from work has a daughter that is two years younger than Elise, but they get along great and so I was thrilled when Stef offered to take her for a sleepover. 

When I was a kid I probably had already been on 100 sleepovers by the time I was Elise’s age, so I have been feeling bad for quite some time about not giving her that same opportunity and experience. I guess it’s mostly because I live in a teeny-tiny trailer and there just isn’t enough room to have to girls running around and playing all day and night, but at Stef’s house that definitely isn’t a problem. 

After work tonight I hustled over to the liquor store and got myself a bottle of Pinot Grigio to enjoy by my lonesome. I said on IG that I planned on drinking the entire bottle, but who am I trying to kid? It’s been a while since my “drinking days” and now two glasses puts me in the bag. 

I can’t wait to pick up Elise tomorrow and see how the night went. I hope she’s as happy when she comes home as she was when I dropped her off! 

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  1. I remember those days. The anticipation of the pick up to find out what had happened and how she felt about it, etc. They were my favs. Hope you enjoyed your night too. Looks like you might have. 🙂

    1. I watched almost the entire first season of The Last Ship on Hulu and still got more sleep than her. They stayed up all night! So far so good, but we shall see if a crash is imminent…

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