L is for Let me go to bed oh, my god I’m tired! 

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So, we’re in Florida. 

I slept not a wink last night at my parents house, where we stayed because they live a half hour closer to the airport and we had to get up at 5am. But I tossed and turned in my sister’s old slab of a bed until 2:20am, then went down to the living room and tried the recliner, then the couch, and then completely gave up at exactly 4:27am when I turned on the light and began to weep because I was convinced it would be a terrible day. 


It hasn’t been, for the record. It’s been a great day. I spent my morning in “heaven.”

Pictures will come, more blog posts will come. A-Z challenge? I’ll try to catch up, but I really don’t give any fucks about it because WE ARE IN FLORIDA and my entire goal is to just relax, and not worry about anything. Doing good so far! 

2 Comments on “L is for Let me go to bed oh, my god I’m tired! ”

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