1. Anna
    February 18, 2012 @ 10:34 pm

    I feel for you hun, and yes it makes me angry. There is really no need, and men against contraception, bet they wouldn't have the same opinion if they ended up with an unwanted pregnancy!


  2. Celeste Neumann
    February 18, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

    Really? I'm not sure it's a tool for bigots. I really like to think doctors use their instruments to degrade and humiliate you. Think about it! Politicians are not in treatment rooms. Doctors are. And doctors whose moral consciousness' dictate that abortion is murder are very unlikely to conduct abortions. Now, if you think I'm casting this off, let me tell you that I experienced the very same procedure you did, but in a foreign country. In my case I had a very bad case of food poisoning, but because it was in my colon, and not my stomach, the doctor mis-diagnosed this, and thought I was having a mis-carriage, although I was not pregnant. Not to easy to explain things in dire pain in a foreign language, either. But I don't think he did this to humiliate me. And yes, I know that practised reply, "Please relax it will make everything easier." They might as well say it to my cat at the vet's for all the good it will do. Who can "relax and enjoy themselves" in a situation like that? But in many cases I think they need to do this for two good reasons: to determine the situation inside your body, lest they make so sort of grave mistake in removing the embryo/foetus – and determining the age of the embryo/foetus through better images. Where I live you can only have an abortion during the first trimester. You have to receive three counselling sessions before they will allow it; and the social medicine insurance will cover an abortion if you are determined to have one. You have to pay for your own contraceptives, however. The counselling is not necessarily to encourage you to keep the child, but to allow young women to explore alternatives like receiving state support to raise the child or giving the child up for adoption. Still, if you are determined to have an abortion, they will not only allow it; they will finance it.


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