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Well, this has been a weird week so far, I’ll say. 

I’ve done some things I can’t say I’m very proud of, so I won’t say anything else about them at all, but I’ve also had some fun with new friends and old that has surpassed the fun I’ve had with any other people in my life lately, so I guess that makes up for anything else that’s questionable.

There was some news I got this week though that is the best I’ve heard in a loooong time, and I have a feeling the news is just going to keep getting better.

I had a meeting with Elise’s kindergarten teacher on Monday and found out that Elise is reading two levels above where she should be at the END of the year. Kindergarteners should be reading at a level two right now, and at a level four by the end of the school year to be considered “at grade level.” 

Elise is at a level six. 

The book in the picture is her favorite one right now. She reads the entire thing to me all by herself, and I am starting to think that she has it mostly memorized, but I am going to let her have that confidence for a little while longer before hiding it away and pushing her farther on. 

“Mooooom, I’m reading.” She said to me right after I snapped this picture. She was pissed that I was interrupting her reading skillz to take a shot of her doing it. 

Oh, well. It’s for the memories.

I’m so proud of you, Elise. 

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