Like Dominos

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I’m about to set off on my family vacation tomorrow morning, a long drive to Cape Cod followed by a week of someone’s definition of relaxing (I just hope I get to read at LEAST three books), and I feel so meh today. 

I swear, it’s like every crazy customer in the world just knew I was going on vacation tomorrow so they called to mess with me thoroughly before I left. Then, I was out of the office 51 minutes and my boss had already called me twice. The third time I didn’t answer. 


A while ago, I started posting music videos – adding to a list of 1,000 new songs. I starred this one on Spotify recently and every time it comes up on a radio channel or in a playlist I start dancing around and bopping my head: 

Day three of Fat Mum Slim’s #photoadayaug project and I am still remembering to take pictures and post them. That’s a good sign!! I hope tomorrow I get to sit on a pretty beach and show you how it was.

Today’s prompt was COIN. I save a lot of coin, there are tins and dishes of coins all over my house, and I like to tell myself I’m saving it all for something exciting, but I haven’t made up my mind what that thing is yet. Ah well, it keeps me in good coffee.

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