Little Victories

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I’ve done it!

I’ve scheduled a post for tomorrow!

A real, thoughtful, maybe even well(ish) written post!

And I did it all with an annoying band-aid on my right pointer finger because I cut it really bad on a bottle I was washing out today for the recycling.

It was very strange, because it bled like a sonofabitch, and when I inspected it I saw that it was a really gaping and kind of deep cut, which made me instantly nauseous because I get grossed out by my own bodily injuries – but it didn’t hurt AT ALL.

Like, at all.

As I was accidentally bleeding all over the bathroom floor getting supplies ready to patch myself up, Elise was standing in the doorway mouth agape, acting like I was going to die.

She was practically crying because she saw the blood and thought I was in agony.

Guess that will fare well for me tomorrow morning when we go in to get her blood work done and I offer my veins as tribute so Elise sees me getting stuck with needles and smiling at the same time.

We went to the laundromat today and that was an excellent little adventure, then went to the grocery store to get some last minute supplies before the SNOWPOCALYPSE that is heading this way!

We may get three feet of snow dumped on us Tuesday, but by god I’ll have good food to eat.

If I can get it all cooked before the power goes out. Which it better fucking not and I DON’T BELIEVE IN JINXES NO I DON’T NO SIREE BOB.


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