Lying Under Blankets

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I work every Wednesday morning now, which is a really good thing, because it gets my foot in the door to get even MORE morning shifts and I pretty much make double the amount of tips in the morning than I do when I work dinner shifts.

However, though I hate to complain after I waited so long for this opportunity, it was really slow today, and I had a few annoying things happen, and then I get home and Jill (my friend who is Elise’s babysitter) rushes out to meet me at my car before I could come inside and says:

“I have to tell you something!”

“Are you going to tell me wonderful things that will fill me with joy?”

“Uh, no.”

So, Elise lied.

Jill asked her if she had homework and Elise said that she did not have any homework, and then Jill looked inside her backpack anyway and saw that she in fact DID have homework. When confronted about it, Elise admitted to lying.. but what the hell?

It threw me for a loop. It was upsetting to come home when you’ve been looking forward all day to a nice, relaxing, fun evening with your kid and to be faced with having to discipline her (and make her do all her homework!).

I guess that’s life, and parenting.


It’s ZERO degrees outside tonight. The wind chill is around -15, and I am not going outside to see what that feels like.

I am reading a pretty-ok self published thriller about our Yellowstone National SuperVolcano blowing its load and destroying the world. It may not be the most prestigious literary offering I can give you, but it’s down right entertaining if I do say so myself. Let’s see if it makes it to be the first book I finish reading in 2015.

19 Comments on “Lying Under Blankets”

  1. It’s more like a fib than a lie, Cheney. And to the babysitter, not you. Hey, why am I sticking up for Elise like this? Don’t try to get out of doing your homework, Elise! There, that’s more like it. 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday reading about some big calamity wiping us out. Zero degrees with double-digit-below wind chill here tonight, too. BRRRRRRRRR.

      1. Oh, no, burst pipes! I have spent too much time with a hair dryer warmng pipes in my lifetime, Cheney. Ugh Ugh Ugh. Is the landlord taking care of the mess and fix, I hope?

        1. Oh yea hes been here all day. Apparently an animal has been working on chewing thru the pipe insulation for a while so he is replacing that now..

          1. That explains it. When I lived in a trailer that I rented from my sister I tried to make sure that the bunting or whatever you call that stuff that hangs underneath was always tight to keep the critters away from the pipes underneath. I did not always win that battle.

  2. My 12 yr old has done this too and speaking to another mother today with exactly the same issue. I have to double and triple check now. Ive gotten in to breaking bad so had hardly any time to read its addictive. Have you seen it? X

    1. Omg yea I loved that show. I just started watching Black Mirror this morning and I’m so sad there are only 6 episodes 🙁

      And yea, i googled it and it’s sad how common and normal lying is. Guess that is a part of life and parenting!

          1. Omg really? It was the first epidode.. The kidnapped princess.. The Prime Minister and the pig… Ringing a bell?

          2. haha you know i dont know how but i missed that one, i found it though and got as far as the request lol, then started to fall asleep so its on hold, will watch this week. I didn’t like the one where they had the prisoner, the woman who had killed a girl with her boyfriend, so they drugged her or smoething and made her feel she was in back not being a prisoner and had no idea where she was or what she had done and weird people were chasing her, remember that?

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