Mac Freedom

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For the last few months, every since the end of November really, I haven’t written much, not as much as I have wanted to. I guess you could say I got distracted by any number of things, and it would be true, and I hate to admit that I know full well that the biggest thing keeping me from writing is Netflix Instant – I just can’t seem to stop watching TV shows online. It makes me a little sick and embarrassed for myself. 

Nova Ren Suma, one of the authors whose blog I follow, because it is just amazing, had mentioned something called Mac Freedom a few times, and I decided to check it out. It’s a program that will shut off internet access to your computer for a period of time that you determine – it will basically just block you from connecting to the internet – the writer’s worst distraction of all time.

I read a lot of the comments about this program before spending the $10 bucks to get it, and momentarily questioned my motives and sanity. 

“It’s pretty sad that someone doesn’t have the self control to just stay off the internet, so they have to buy a program to do it for them. Oh, the humanity!” 

And I thought, yeah, it’s true, it’s pretty sad that I don’t have that self control. But what would be sadder is if I bought this program and then actually restarted my computer just so I could check Facebook or Twitter or watch a YouTube video. THAT would be sad. 

Anyway, I downloaded it, I set it for an hour, and I wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote. And now I do this for at least an hour a day, and Mac Freedom has changed the way I write and how I’ve been living life this week – basically, it’s awesome.

Writers – you might not think you need this, but let’s face it, you probably do. 

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