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It’s been my intention since I started this blog that I should be honest with myself and whoever may be reading. Unfortunately, there are still some things in my life that I don’t feel comfortable talking about, and one of those things, lately in the past few weeks, has really been bringing me down.

There’s nothing like self-doubt that can make a person feel so sick inside when things on the outside might be looking pretty okay. There are also few things other than self-doubt that you have to try to conquer all on your own, if you are too afraid to be honest and ask for help.

It’s always at the end of the year when I question my sanity and my life and the things I choose to do, and when I start analyzing how I can change things and make myself and my life better. It’s a stressful, dreadful time of year, if you ask me. I should be looking forward to January 1, to the blank slate of a new year ahead of me. I should be making a list of resolutions that I will undoubtedly fail at, but the sentiment always counts. At least, I think to myself, it shows that I am trying to change the things that I want to change instead of wallowing in whatever it is that is holding me back from my best life. 

Things need to end and things need to begin, and it’s all just so hard when you know exactly where to start but just don’t have the will to do it.

Eh, I hate being so sad on the blog. But, there is one good thing ahead today.

Today is inauguration day. After a thrilling campaign, an over-the-top win of an election, and a quiet interim, tonight we get to party again for Daryl. He’ll be sworn in at 7pm as New London’s first strong mayor in 90 years, and then it’s off to the ball. That’s right. I’m going to a ball. 

But where’s my prince charming to take me there?

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