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Today’s prompt for Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenge was MESSY:

What can I say? I’m on vacation with MY family, so obviously the messiest thing around is the bed that I refuse to make. 

I just don’t make beds, do you? I find it to be a supreme waste of time. Why make a bed if you are just going to unmake it at the end of every day? If my bed is too messy at bedtime, I just get in, arrange the blankets over me, and I’m done. Not to mention, whenever I am in a strange, made bed, the first thing I do when I get in it is kick the blankets until they are loose and opened at the end. I need my feet to be free.

Anyway, something happened to me last night when I slept, and when I woke up this  morning I had a terrible cold or something. I am stuffed up, my throat and ears are a little sore, I’m tired, and my nose WON’T STOP RUNNING. It’s gross, and there are lots of tissues involved. How annoying.

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