Morning Giggles

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I had to wake Elise up for school this morning. Usually she is up before me on school days, happily watching YouTube videos of dominoes falling down or silly teenage girls doing gymnastics tricks. But, today I had to go in her room and drag her out of bed. Pull on the covers, steal her blankie, and begin the tickles.

Despite this one photo, it wasn’t a great morning. Elise had some serious pre-teen attitude going on and I didn’t handle it well, as I don’t usually, before eight in the morning and a cup of coffee or two. When she went to school, we both parted ways unhappy with each other, which is the absolute worst way for either of us to start our days.

I’m writing this just to say, I guess, the things we post online – on Instagram, on Facebook – they don’t always tell the truth, or the whole truth, so help us all. Life isn’t always picture perfect, and the ones who present themselves and their lives that way probably shouldn’t be trusted.

We’re all more fragile and complex than we’d rather admit, aren’t we?

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