Nails Nails Nails

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I sort of got boned at work this week.

The way I see it, I think that after this coming Sunday I’ll be working 13 days in a row unless a boss decides to give me some mercy with a day off, hopefully next Thursday.

However, I have the next two days off… So I decided to celebrate with a bottle of wine and a horror movie and a night of painting my nails.

Since I am not allowed to paint my fingernails for work (other than a boring clear or very light, sheer pink) I went all out and did the hottest of the hot hot pinks. My favorite. My toes are turquoise blue topped off with gold sparkles.

The movie was The Reaping with Hilary Swank and “THE GOVERNOR” from Walking Dead. Except in this movie he was sexy, but still evil.

It was a good one.

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