NaNo Nerves

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It begins!

For some people. It hasn’t begun for me yet, because last night, at midnight, I sat panic eating a ton of Elise’s Halloween candy and NOT WRITING because the truth of it is, I just didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t have an idea.

Now, it’s about 2:30 on November 1st, and now I finally have an idea (kind of) but no time to get started because I have to be at work in a half an hour.

I plan on coming home right after work tonight to open up a new Scrivener document and get started. I will already be like twenty hours behind, and I don’t think I have ever waited this long to start NaNoWriMo. In fact, part of my “NaNo Advice” that I’ve posted previously on other blogs, is to start writing at midnight on the first because why waste time when you only have a month?

We’ll see how this goes. I don’t have high hopes for this year, but I have a little bit of hope or else I wouldn’t be making a big deal out of trying at all.

It’s just that I haven’t really written in so long. I say it like it’s no big deal, but it’s a HUGE deal. Not blogging is one thing – but not writing any fiction. Anything. Not even some little flash fiction online, not even some tinkering with stories already in progress on my laptop. Nothing.

I have to go to work now. I wish I could afford to not do that, but alas. A “writer” must support herself somehow while she’s aspiring, right?

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