NaNoWriMo 2015: Week Two Update

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Today marks the halfway point of NaNoWriMo 2015 and after a week of lagging behind and procrastinating and doing all the other things I could possibly do with my free time EXCEPT write, I knew that I had to either get down to business today or maybe consider giving up.

I started the day with 20,629 words, and I had a LOT to do today.

I had to sleep a little late, shower, do laundry, do some dog sitting, buy some headphones, have dinner with mom, space out to music on the kick ass new headphones, and write.

And write.

And try to convince my almost ten year old daughter that it would be in her best interest to behave and just in general be nice to me and knock it off with the pre-teen dramatic attitude. UGH.

And write.

So I wrote. And wrote.

And then I wrote some more.

Then I met my goal – I crossed the halfway mark.

25,114, bitches!

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Here are my thoughts on this progress:

My story isn’t great. I mean, it’s a story. It has characters who do things to drive the plot along. I am pantsing it, as I do, so although I have a general idea of where I want this story to go, all the details are to be determined.

This is what I am always afraid of, in almost any situation in life.

The not knowing.

Uncertainty and doubt are serious killers of confidence and creativity, so today I just wrote like a motherfucker, and I churned outĀ almost 5,000 words.

I killed it.

It was easy.

I just told myself “Cheney, go write now. Write right now!”

And I did it.

It was that hard.

Midnight may be coming in a few minutes, butĀ later I’ll strap on these new headphones and write more anyway, because I’m feeling it today, the magic is here with me today.

I hope if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, you’re making some magic, too.


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