Nectar of the Gods!

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This is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, in my opinion. 

6 Comments on “Nectar of the Gods!”

      1. Ah, no wonder I didn’t recognize it. First, I drink my coffee black. Second, I never drink coffee out of a clear glass cup or mug. But yeah, now that I know what it is, I can appreciate it even more.

        1. I used to drink mine black with sugar but blamed some of my terrible heartburn on that so I started adding a little bit of cream because I convinced mussels that canceled out the acid, and prefer it slightly creamed now.

          1. My evolution with coffee was just the opposite. I started out with a lot of cream and and a little sugar because I thought the taste of coffee was quite bitter. But I eventually started cutting back on the cream and now I drink it black. Except when I go to Starbucks and get a vanilla latte.

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