No Big Thoughts or Opinions Here

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I’ve been wanting to read this book, Seveneves, since I saw it suggested on Amazon to me one day some months ago. However, I’m cheap, and I have BIG THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS on book buying, so I decided not to purchase a paper or digital copy of this book to read, because of these thoughts and opinions on the sale of books, not so much about the book itself. But this post isn’t about BIG THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS about book buying, it’s just about how I found this on the shelf at the library today and I was so happy, I had big happies and all the feels as I checked it out and brought it home with me, free for two whole weeks!

I’m also unfortunately about 3,000 words behind on NaNoWriMo right now and that will escalate to almost 5K words behind if I don’t get some more in by midnight.

And so I ask myself once again, why do NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo have to share the same month? Why must we all be so prolific at once?

Feel like sharing some thoughts?