Noah And The Whale

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In five years time I might not know you / In five years time we may not speak / In five years time we might not get along / In five years time you might just prove me wrong

Oh there’ll be love love love – wherever you go there’ll be love

That’s not just a bible story, it’s the name of the band I discovered today, and 5 Years Time is the first of 1,000 new songs I will be listening to and appreciating as part of my Mighty Life.

Perhaps I should find a better way to do this (or Squarespace should add the option of adding music to a post, a la Tumblr) but click here for the link to the YouTube video for the song. It’s all I’ve got at the moment.


In other news, I updated my iPhone for the first time in about a year, and now am current with the iOS 5 – it’s like I have a brand new phone. I’m psyched. And so tired. 2:46am now, and a long day ahead. 

Maybe one day I will learn to sleep like a normal person.


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