Not A Lazy Sunday

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Usually I love me my lazy Sunday’s. 

I like staying up past 2am and then sleeping in til 9, relaxing with a cup or two of coffee and some reading while I acclimate to life.. Today wasn’t one of those days. 

It was only a one cup of coffee and no breakfast kind of day before we dashed off to see Inside Out. 

We both thought it was good. I definitely cried uncontrollably at the end (you know the part), but I didn’t think it quite lived up to the hype. 

It probably won’t quell the Frozen Fever, damn it. 

Then we went home and cleaned the house. It took hours and I didn’t get to the bedrooms or the bathtub, but the common areas look damn near spotless – well, at least picked up and much less cluttered – and I’m happy as can be. 

What I found in the epic cleaning spree: 

 Nineteen rings. 


Almost all of them are tarnished so I need to go out and get some silver polish, but I’m so excited to do that and start wearing some of these again! 

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