Not Always a Walk in the Park

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It was a beautiful day, for the first day of fall. 

I’m not one of those Pumkin People who spaz out at the thought of 50 degree mornings and PSL’s and the changing leaves because oh my fucking God WINTER IS COMING.

It was a beautiful day, though. I was fresh back from a sweet vacation. 

I was in such a good mood I OFFERED to go to the park. 

I took some pretty pictures. 

We observed the turtles and tadpoles for quite a while. 

But then a choice to yell at mom with a 19 year old’s attitude shifted the day into a more somber mood. 

It only takes one bad choice, and consequences happen.

Aw hell, no. Mom’s not having any of that kind of attitude from her 9 year old. 

It was a beautiful day, I have the pictures to prove it.

But things aren’t always as beautiful as they seem in pictures. 

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