Oh, It’s December.

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It happens every year that I feel like December just sneaks up on me.

I mean, I will swear to it that time actually passes faster after you’ve spawned your own offspring and get to watch them grow every day. So years just fly by, and all of a sudden whoops, there goes Thanksgiving, and now it’s December, and in twenty five days Elise will be NINE.

One thing that is different this year is that I have pretty much all of my shopping for Elise done. I want to get her one more “big” thing, and I can’t decide what that will be. Something special for her BIRTHDAY, which is on Christmas, so of course I feel like I have to do something a little extra special when we celebrate her birthday on Christmas Eve to make up for the fact that she is totally getting gypped and doesn’t know it yet.

That’s a thought for another day. I’m just popping in because yesterday I was feeling all ambitious and I said I was going to schedule a post for today but I didn’t and then I felt sad for not posting, so here.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting up a storm right now, catching up on Vampire Diaries, and OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THE WALKING DEAD LAST NIGHT?!?!

4 Comments on “Oh, It’s December.”

  1. Born on Christmas. You will spend the rest of your life trying to make up for that to Elise, won’t you, Cheney? Oh, my. I bet it will be one more “big” gift!

    1. Yeah, except the great thing is that she is still too young to realize that she’s been gypped. She still thinks it’s cool and special to be a Christmas baby. Give it a few more years when we reach the tween age and I’m sure she’ll be pissed.

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