On(line) Identity

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I have a lot of things to work out, here. Thankfully I have this blog. “They” say it’s cheaper than therapy, and that’s true, as far as I know and can guess, since I’ve never had actual therapy. But you know, talking to myself and whoever else might be reading and willing to comment, it helps sort things out in my head. Plus, on this particular issue, I really need some feedback.

I’ve been writing online in some form or another since 1999. Yeah. I can’t tell you how much it hurts my heart that there isn’t a thirteen year archive of stuff to prove that or show for it, but it is what it is, and I am really trying to change that now. However, I am having identity issues.

Let me first list the reason why I blog before I start getting into the issues about it:


  1. To have a record of my life. This is, first and foremost, a journal.
  2. To have a writing outlet. Sometimes just getting the fingers moving on the keyboard is enough to jumpstart my creativity and turn it into something bigger than just a simple blog post.
  3. It has helped my writing immensely. I write more because of blogging, and writing more is the first step to writing better. Period.
  4. It has juiced up my creativity because I have become aware of and involved with so many writing projects and memes and challenges – things that have not only improved my writing, but have led me to be able to network with so many other great writers.
  5. It is starting to make me new friends – and really, that should be number two on this list. Because making online friends (at this point) is one of my biggest wants and desires – it’s one of the biggest things I want to get out of blogging. 
  6. It puts my name out there. Surprisingly enough, after years of being anonymous, I want to be known. I want people to know that I write and that I write well (in my opinion anyway) and I want for people who are interested in my writing to be able to come to this blog and find what they are looking for.
  7. It helps me figure myself out – that’s a no brainer, right? This blog is essentially a reflection of who I am – to a point. Of course there are things that are too personal to share, and like I always say, everyone has their secret lives, but still. Writing things out really does help figure things out.
  8. It makes me realize that people are just people, and some of them we will get along with and love, and some we won’t. And that’s okay.


So now, I have two conundrums. The first is my online identity as a whole. I own five domains. I have at least five email addresses. I have two Twitter accounts – one with 495 followers (@vzfsblog) and one with 33 followers (@hellocheney). I need to CONSOLIDATE. But that’s hard. In the next couple of weeks I am really going to try to consolidate everything into HELLOCHENEY land. I need to get the domain and use it here on the blog, and I have to get one of those about.me pages and use my cheney.me URL to direct anyone to my everything. That’s the easy part.

The harder part? Finding my niche. Because I just don’t have one, and things are about to get even more wonky up in here.

See, I write. Duh. I have a lot of short stories on here, a web serial (defunctish) and poetry. I blog about writing A LOT. So do I have a writer’s blog?

I also write book reviews. Am I a book blogger?

I post a lot of links to music videos… but I KNOW I’m not a music blogger.

I’m a mom, but I’m reluctant to write about motherhood. Am I a blogging mom but NOT a mommyblogger?

And now, horror of horrors, I’ve joined Weight Watchers. Again. And I NEED to blog about it. I mean, I HAVE to, for me, to hold myself accountable and make myself successful. But am I a health blogger? Dear god, no.

My question is, what has happened to just regular old web journals about people, like the ones that were around in the early 2000s? Everyone has a niche now, and within those niches, friends and groups of friends seem to be borne.

Where do I fit in, is what I am asking? Anywhere? But more importantly – do I NEED to find myself a place to fit into? Or will people want to come and read what I am writing anyway, because, well, they like me?

It’s hard to admit, I guess, that I am fishing for readers and a fellowship of followers around here. It’s hard blogging every day and not seeing stats rise or comment sections left empty. Am I that boring? Or is it something else….

Hello.. you out there? Let me know..

Feel like sharing some thoughts?