In the Beginning With Love

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The way I see it You’re the one haunting my mind. You’re just offstage You’re right outside the door. I’m sure that any minute I could run up to you And end this waiting But you’re still such a mystery to me I’m afraid sometimes that I Dreamed you up You aren’t real And I keep trying to forget the … Read More

Grace in Small Things # 1

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Let’s face it: We’re all waging our own battles against embitterment, right?  Schmutzie, a blogger I adore, started this social network, Grace In Small Things, so that people would remember the positive things in life that often go overlooked.  It’s sad to say, I need this. I mean, yes, it’s a nice thing to do, write a list of the … Read More

Til the World Ends

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So yesterday I showed you a picture that hinted at the awesomeness that was my Tuesday night… did you get it? I went, with my best friend, to a Britney Spears concert.  My friends, I’ve offically fulfilled a lifelong dream, and it feels amazing. I could go on an on about how awesome the show was – about how Nicki … Read More

Sad But True

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To everyone else I will insist It’s as if time did not exist before you But now you’ve proven I mean nothing And I’ve run myself into the ground Trying to prove you wrong. Where I am is underneath li(n)es, poems, songs. What this is Is sad but true To little too late And a whole list of phrases That … Read More

No-Kart Races

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Yesterday was my friend Beau’s 30th birthday. Beau and I have been friends for years and years. If you ask me, we met when I was working at Norm’s diner, and he was a customer of mine when he came in with two of our other friends, Kelli and Nathan. If you ask Beau, we met on one of my … Read More