Hold on

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The post is coming! It’s going to be a good one in about an hour! – 11:36 pm  Update, 12:17 am Okay, I’m totally wiped out from today, but tomorrow I’ll have a great story for you. With pictures of the aftermath of my spectacular go-kart crash.  Now, a bit of Game of Thrones and bed.


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This is the first time I’ve posted from my iPhone, because it’s getting a bit late and I’m currently sitting on my couch with a cup of coconut vodka on ice, watching The West Wing. This is something that the roomie, Michelle, and I used to do quite often, but we haven’t seen much of each other lately. I said … Read More


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As I alluded to very slightly on my about page, I write elsewhere online under a different name. I could spend hours talking about why I chose to do this and why it wasn’t, at the time, a very hard decision, but here’s a brief rundown:   I wanted to give myself the freedom to fail horribly without ever having … Read More

A very bullet list Wednesday

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Today Alisha called me at work from HER work to tell me a secret. “Don’t tell anyone!” she says to me – “No one is supposed to know yet, but I have to tell you!” It’s a good secret – one of our friends is pregnant. I LOVE finding out when friends are pregnant. It makes for a good day … Read More

Deliciously Pigless

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I guess I don’t blog about food a lot, even though eating food is one of my favorite personal pasttimes. Maybe this is because I know that I probably wouldn’t be even close to a mediocre food blogger let alone a good one. I wouldn’t know the first thing about technical terms for the way things are cooked, or what … Read More

I occasionally contemplate my mortality.

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Today is the first day of August. This pains me so.  I love the summertime, for one thing. More than any other season, I am happiest when I’m dripping with sweat and can barely breathe from the weight of this wonderful New England humidity. Some would say I’m a masochist for it, and they may be right. I just LOVE … Read More

Eat your planetains.

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A co-worker of mine just returned from a month long trip to her home country of Scotland and had an interesting story to tell about her return to the United States. Apparently her husband didn’t know that it was wrong to stash a banana in his carry-on bag after passing through customs back overseas, and they were quite surprised when … Read More