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They say we’re going to get big storms tomorrow. Strong winds and snow and blizzards and things. But today, today we are out and about and getting all the things done and the skies are cloudless and blue and open, and it’s just one of those days where you feel like everything has the potential to go well and just … Read More

Dun na na na!

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I get that song stuck in my head all the time when I get up early and decide to actually look at the sun rising. Here comes the sun, dun na na na.. One of these days, a long time from now, in a time we may call summer, I will get up before the dawn and walk down to the … Read More

Cold Blue Morning Sky

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Have I mentioned that it’s cold and I hate winter? I think I have at least a million times. Maybe that’s a few more than reality would dictate, but still. It’s winter, and it’s cold out, and snow has fallen and much more is supposed to be coming this weekend, and I hate it. What I love is where I … Read More

Some Gold

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   It’s going to be great when it’s no longer freezing and I can take my daily photo from anywhere but my balcony door. 

Better with Water 

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   The weather has been getting colder and more unpleasant.  I really do hate New England winters, and I’m also really sick of people asking me:  “Well, why are you still here?” As if moving to a warmer, more southern part of the country were without complications keeping me from just doing it.  But I WILL do it. Eventually.  For … Read More