Pastel Sky

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   One of those nights I look at this pretty sky and wonder how the hell I am going to come up with post titles if I have nothing else to say. 

Remarkably Wet

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   The rain today is torrential. Too rainy to go outside, we are staying in today, watching from the front door as the streets turn to rivers. 

Blues and Blurs

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What is with this weather, this winter? Can we even call it a winter? It doesn’t feel real here in Connecticut. It hasn’t really happened yet. That terrible thing, that S word, that curse word of which I won’t speak. Instead, a week into January I’m stepping out onto my balcony in a t-shirt and hair still wet from the … Read More

The Tree on the Corner

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Today was Elise’s second day at her new school, and the second morning that I walked her there at eight in the morning. It was FREEZING yesterday, so I hustled there and back as fast as I could before my face froze off, but today was a bit more mild and I enjoyed the short walk back from the school … Read More

Pushing It

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One of those days where I was like “Oh, shit! The sun is setting! I have to go get a picture, stat!” I bet a lot of that is going to happen this year if I once again commit to following through with another daily photo project. I mean, I suppose I already committed to myself, it has already begun … Read More

First of Many

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The other day I posted a photo from Pequot Avenue, which runs a mile or so along the edge of the Thames river and then Long Island Sound. This is another view, one without a snow filled, foggy gray sky, and this isn’t even a good sunset, and again this was wasn’t taken from my car. So yeah, I am … Read More