Verge of Nope

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   I’ve been loving walking Elise to school every morning. I have this big dreams of the days when the weather is nice enough for me to just keep on walking after I drop her off, but the last few days have been getting colder and windier, and winter is really on the verge of telling me that it’s time … Read More


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   I don’t have much to say on Wednesdays – nothing nice to say anyway, because work is least enjoyable on these days and I’m always so tired and irritable over it, which sucks. This sky is kind of boring, too. Ugh. Good day! By which I mean good night! 

Pastel Sky

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   One of those nights I look at this pretty sky and wonder how the hell I am going to come up with post titles if I have nothing else to say. 

Remarkably Wet

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   The rain today is torrential. Too rainy to go outside, we are staying in today, watching from the front door as the streets turn to rivers. 

Blues and Blurs

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What is with this weather, this winter? Can we even call it a winter? It doesn’t feel real here in Connecticut. It hasn’t really happened yet. That terrible thing, that S word, that curse word of which I won’t speak. Instead, a week into January I’m stepping out onto my balcony in a t-shirt and hair still wet from the … Read More