Sunset of Doom

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  On the way to Niantic today there was this insane beam of light from the setting sun shooting up into the sky. I tried my best – frantically and probably dangerously – to get a good photo, but alas, all you can really see of its insanity is the pillar of orange glow on the left that I shot … Read More

First Snow of 2016

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I live closer to the beach now than I ever have in my life, and if I take the “long” scenic route home from wherever I’m coming from, I get to drive past a pretty gorgeous view of Long Island Sound and all the pretty, quaint, New England islandy things that are in it. So today after my doctor’s appointment, … Read More

First Light / Last Light

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   I was up until 4am cleaning up Elise’s four massive piles of puke and getting her cleaned up and settled back to sleep.  After a day of snuggling all day with a sick and fevered kid who can’t start at her new school tomorrow like we had planned on, I went upstairs to make up a new bed for … Read More


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There aren’t any clouds in the sky today, just this wide open expanse of blue. This year’s daily photo project is #366skies – 366 photos of whatever is up above me on any given day. I bet it will get boring. I bet it will get really hard to keep myself interested in taking pictures that look relatively the same … Read More

Welcome, 2016! 

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Last year I had a list of five intentions for 2015 and I followed through with three out of five. I took a photo every day. I posted to my blog every day. I wrote a book. I think three out of five is pretty damn good. I didn’t lose fifty pounds. I didn’t go on a date. But I … Read More

Builder of Worlds

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   Jill got Elise a Hello Kitty Lego set for Christmas, and at first when I poured all the pieces out and saw how many there were I didn’t think this would be something that would hold Elise’s attention.  I was wrong.  I think I could get down with Elise collecting and building cool Lego sets. I’ve always wanted one … Read More