Pale Horse (Project Eden #3)

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I heard about Brett Battles on Joe Konrath’s blog, which, if you are a writer considering independent publishing, get thee to his blog if you haven’t already! Battles is a writer of thriller and suspense novels, which is a genre I am new to as of the last few years. I never reached for straight up thrillers if they didn’t have some horror or paranormal edge to them, but after reading quite a few lately, I must say that the genre is one of my new favorites.

Pale Horse is the third book in Battle’s Project Eden series, which is self published and available through all of the popular sellers. The story follows Captain Daniel Ash and his family after a covert group of, well, terrorists, test a virus in his neighborhood which infects and kills his wife, yet he and his two children are somehow immune. Incredibly long story short, Ash and his children are taken by this group to be studied for their immunity, but then they break out and go on the run, joining with “the Resistance” another group that is trying to stop the terrorism. This is a big, BIG story. For me, who is a shit book reviewer even on my best day, writing my own synopsis won’t do much for you. Basically, this terrorist group has a plan to release a virus world wide that will kill off all but a percentage of one percent of the population, pushing the “restart” button on humanity. It’s Captain Ash’s mission to stop these terrorists, but, by the time we get to Pale Horse, the mission seems successful, the virus has been unleashed globally, and now I am waiting sort of patiently for the next book in the series to see what can be done now to stop billions of people from dying off – that is, if Captain Ash lives, because at the end of Pale Horse he was sort of blown up.

These are great books, I think. Like I said, I am new to this genre and kind of story, but I really enjoy the way it is written. The books are very fast paced, tons of action, and it is also written from numerous points of view which keeps it interesting and gets you to feel all sorts of different emotions for the different types of characters. I am really impressed by the sheer scope of this sort of work – the number of characters, locations, story lines, etc. Not to mention the technological aspects of something like this (is this why we call them techno-thrillers?) are something I haven’t considered delving into as a writer yet. So good, though. I highly recommend the first three books I’ve read in this series and eagerly anticipate the next one.

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