People Do Things 

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Well today was quite a day.

I took Elise to school, came home, took a shower, fixed myself some more coffee, and watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Then, I procrastinated on the internet for about two and half hours, then had a snack.

THEN I wrote 3,036 words, bringing my NaNoWriMo day two total (so far) to 6,273.


AND that was done before work this afternoon.

AND I read and commented on what I felt like were a ton of other blog posts and NaNo updates.

And you know what I kept being reminded of over and over again today?

That people DO THINGS.

There are REAL PEOPLE out there behind all of these computer screens, and they are actually doing things. They are creating and connecting and writing and painting and sewing and gardening and baking and all of them, just like me, are writing about it.

People are doing all these things that are hard and scary and amazing – and I’m over here in my own little world, DOING THINGS, doing my thing, writing these words – and people are seriously like:

“You’re writing a book, huh?”

And these people who seem to not be DOING ANY THINGS, don’t believe that I am actually doing the thing.

Le sigh.

I am not really sure where I was going or what I wanted to say with this post other than:

I’m so happy to see so many creative people out there making wonderful things, and so proud to be part of the community we are all creating together!

But oh, heck, my friends. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

Leave the people who aren’t doing anything behind.


I’m going to go write another 1,000 words or so before bed.

50,000 or BUST!

8 Comments on “People Do Things ”

    1. Thank you, doer of things! And thanks! It’s amazing how you can take such great pictures with a camera phone out the windshield of your car while driving, lol!

  1. I am impressed! You wrote all of those words for your book, AND you blogged. That gives me some serious inspiration for getting my fingers working over this keyboard. Thank you for that! 😀

  2. I am impressed with your level of commitment – participating in both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. You are definitely doing things. Reading this post I was reminded of the quote from Jorge in Beauty Shop: “I mean, girlfriend, you are doing it.”. Good luck with both challenges.

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