Possibly Cursed

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When I was on at the High Line earlier this week a monk came up to me and gave me a blessing. 

He slipped this bracelet onto my wrist and told me that it would bring me luck, love, and happiness. 

However, ever since I’ve skipped this bracelet on I feel like nothing is going right. 

My mood is foul, my depression is severe. Things aren’t great with Elise’s behavior – she got into some pretty big trouble at school this week, and now it seems like I’m in a fight with my friend. 

Nothing is good. Nothing has been lucky or happy. 

Have I been cursed? Or is this all just coincidence?

One Comment on “Possibly Cursed”

  1. I think I would remove that bracelet and throw it as far as I could! I don’t need any additional “bad” vibes in my life right now, and I’m sure you don’t either. That’s just MY opinion. 🙂

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