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There’s this guy (we’ll call him “this guy” for purposes of privacy, or whatever) who I had a strictly sexual relationship with starting at the tender age of sixteen or seventeen. We met online back when meeting online was tabboo and scary, and we met on a goth club’s message board, to boot. I was in high school and he was in college, and although we continued to see each other (and sleep together) for a number of years on and off, we never were IN A RELATIONSHIP. I never called him my boyfriend, because he wasn’t. He was just a guy who I liked to spend time with in the bedroom, and back then, even at that young age, that was cool with me. 

For whatever reason that I can’t recall, we drifted apart and stopped seeing each other. We didn’t have a falling out or anything. I dated people between seeing him and he did as well, and we just kept up with each other when we were single until a time when we just didn’t anymore. 

Years later, this would be probably two or three years ago, I invited him to come down and visit me with every intention of getting laid, and then at the last minute I backed out and made him sleep on my couch. It was really awkward, saying no to him, but at that point in my life I felt like I wanted a REAL relationship instead of no-strings-attached sex. 

I’m past that point now, let’s just say.

The online dating thing, it has its downfalls. My biggest problem is that it is really easy for me to find one or two details on someone’s profile that will completely turn me off to the point I won’t give them a chance. Mentioning video games more than once, not having even a loose grasp on the English language, and showing a great love for the outdoors are instant killers for me. If you haven’t been on a dating site in a while, take it from me that right off the bat, 80% or more of the guys who message me get blocked, and more than half the time I don’t even have to visit their profile to know they aren’t for me – because they just can’t communicate. If you can’t show me you are even moderately intelligent in a paragraph, come on. 

Anyway, I’ve been back on OK Cupid lately, scoping out the scene, and today I noticed that ‘this guy’ was checking out my profile a week or so ago, and he hadn’t messaged me. So I did the only thing a girl in my position would do – I messaged him on Facebook, and here’s what I said:

“I’ll be blunt. Are you currently single? If so, would you like to go out and catch up, etc?”

The et cetera in that sentence? I’m pretty sure he’ll know what it really means. At least, I hope he does.

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