Pushing It

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One of those days where I was like “Oh, shit! The sun is setting! I have to go get a picture, stat!”

I bet a lot of that is going to happen this year if I once again commit to following through with another daily photo project.

I mean, I suppose I already committed to myself, it has already begun and I am already looking forward to the book I want to make when it’s all over. I want to do a book for 2015, too, but I am not sure when I will have the time or where that will fall on the list of priorities that I have, a list that is getting ever longer.

It’s fun to set goals, and it’s a good feeling to have inside (to me it is, at least) when you are striving for something and working toward and end result. Even if the end result is something that only matters to you, at least you are doing something for yourself and you’re dedicating your time and energy into something that matters to you.

It makes me feel proud. I don’t care about sounding corny.

I like setting goals and meeting them. I like these little things that make me feel good about myself.

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