Rain? Psssh. 

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It rained this evening, but we went mini-golfing anyway. 

I told Elise when we came here last year that we were going to go mini-golfing and we totally missed out on it, and then promised her again this year… 

As we got into the car and headed to Smuggler’s Cove the rain started coming down but we kept going anyways. I was sure that my grandparents were going to veto golf for fear of lightning strikes, but we got there, and my grandpa was totally game. We played anyway, the three of us. 

Elise’s score was 60, Pop’s was 52, and mine was 50! Elise did great, all things considered. Plus, she loves sports, golf included. 

Rain or no rain, we had a blast. Elise is only going to be little and loving mini-golf with her family for so long… Another memory to cherish. 


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