RUN, by Blake Crouch

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Reading 52 books in a year is a huge task. That’s one per week if you do things right, and even if I read like a maniac I don’t think that this is going to be easy for me – but it’s possible, and it’s something that I want to accomplish so much, I even added it to my Life List

Anyway, here we are three days into the new year and I HAVE finished my first book of the year, so this is as good of a start as one could get, in my humble opinion. That it was a great book is just another plus. 

RUN, is the first book I’ve read by Blake Crouch. I was able to score it for free when he was offering it on Amazon just before the new year, and I started reading it while recovering from my New Year Hangover. That I blew through this in about a day and a half is a testament to how enjoyable this book was to me. I know that the dark and apocalyptic isn’t for everyone, but it really is what I have been enjoying most these days.

RUN was about a family on the run from the vast majority of the American population. An event has turned people hostile and violent, and this is the story of one family who is trying to find a safe place to figure out how they will put their lives back together after society has collapsed. Unfortunately, the family runs into quite a few obstacles. 

From being chased down and shot at on roads, from avoiding concentration camp style execution, from spending a week without food and barely any water on a freezing mountain in the middle of winter with no shelter and barely any hope, I really didn’t think this family was going to make it. The total breakdown of the world was too much, in my opinion, to ever be able to recover from, and a little unprepared family with two young children weren’t the strongest heroes. 

However, it was the family that shone in this story – the way they struggled and got through danger, wounds, sickness, and loneliness when they were apart – it was a touching family story of survival with the extra goodness of pure, horrifying evil overtaking the rest of the world. 

(Have I ever mentioned that I suck at reviewing books? Like, SUCK at it?)

This was, as far as I am aware, the first independently published book Crouch has put out. I decided I wanted to read it because Crouch has often paired up with Joe Konrath to write books, do interviews, and contribute heavily to the indie publishing scene that I have found myself becoming a part of online. He’s one of the ones who have done it right, and it’s good to learn from the “pros”, if you will, and I see here that RUN would probably have been a great seller if he’d published traditionally, it was just that good.

I’d really recommend this book to anyone who likes horror and intense emotional thrillers, with just the slightest hint of the supernatural. 

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