Sad But True

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To everyone else I will insist

It’s as if time did not exist before you

But now you’ve proven I mean nothing

And I’ve run myself into the ground

Trying to prove you wrong.

Where I am is underneath

li(n)es, poems, songs.

What this is

Is sad but true

To little too late

And a whole list of phrases

That will leave us in pieces

And find me paralyzed

Without another word to say.

You know, with you I could have

Walked a million miles

And it wouldn’t have seemed very far

And let me tell you,

With you around

The skies never looked so blue,

And the night never looked so black.

Now I can’t tell if the days

Come and go too slow, or too fast.

With you I was nothing

But without you I am even less.

~ circa 2003

Tomorrow, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream. There will be a very quick iUpdate – and then Wednesday… I will blow your mind.

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