Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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I’ve been crocheting with every spare minute of my time for the last couple of weeks. I’ve made eight scarves so far, with at least two more I need to finish before Christmas, which probably won’t happen because I have to work tomorrow morning and then go right to my mom’s house for Christmas Eve and Elise’s “birthday” dinner.

Seriously scarves, go home, you’re drunk.


The great thing about these scarves though, is that the yarn is incredibly soft and thick and great to work with. I can bang one of these scarves out in about three hours of work (overall) and I am thinking that once Christmas is over it might be worth it to buy more and more of this  yarn whenever it goes on sale and then make some throughout the year and try to sell them on Etsy. They really are gorgeous. I can’t wait to give them to all the people I love in my life.

Meanwhile, Elise and I have been getting into the holiday spirit and home and at school, and even at work where we have a radio out front for the first time ever to blast Christmas carols throughout the restaurant. It’s not as annoying as it sounds, quite the opposite actually.

Secret guilty pleasure: I love Christmas carols, and you only get them for like a month and a half out of the year, so yeah, I have the Christmas music station tuned in my car from Thanksgiving to New Years.


We got a little tree. Key word: little. As you can see.

At first I didn’t want a tree, but I was told that my lack of cheer was disturbing. This is our first Christmas tree at our house. $24.99 at Michaels!  And at first Elise and I were both totally underwhelmed by its stature, but once it was lit and decorated with all the ornaments that Elise has made at school over the years, I think it’s adorable and have it turned on constantly, and I’m already thinking that I am going to miss its presence in the corner of the living room once its time for it to go.


Christmas is only two days away!

Elise is going to be nine!!!!


I can’t even handle it. I think I’ll have a lot more words come Thursday about how I just can’t even handle it.

The closer we get to the big day, the more I am getting into the spirit of things. It takes a while, I am slow on the uptake with pretty much everything in life, so holiday cheer shouldn’t be a surprising exception.

I want this year to be as special as possible. It might be the last year of magic. I hope not, but it might be. We’ll see.

6 Comments on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

  1. Merry Christmas!!
    I was talking about getting a smaller tree in the next couple of years bc Mr. T will be moving out – and he was like ‘Why? That tree is fine’. So, apparently as much as he likes to complain, he actually enjoys it! LOL

  2. Those scarves are seriously wicked, Cheney. Awesome job. I’d buy one for my dear wife Karen for sure!

    I like you in the great Christmas mood. Fun times at blogapocalypse. It suits you well, my friend. The little tree is a beaut. Merry Christmas, and Happy No. 9 to Elise. Tell her Mark from Syracuse wishes her a great birthday. You’re right. Appreciate the magic.

    1. Thanks Mark, I’m glad then mood finally gripped me, too. Its a good thing. Merry Xmas to you, Karen, and the rest of your family!

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