Screw It!

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I love the days when I just don’t leave the house on purpose.

Today was the perfect day to do that. Windy and freezing, my phone told me that it was 0 degrees and that the “Real Feel” was -30 at 7pm.

We didn’t even open the door today. Not even when my garbage can tipped over and started inching its way toward the street.

Screw it.

Not even when I started hearing these really creepy sounds outside, sounds like the porch was going to collapse under the weight of all the snow I probably should have shoveled off of it.

Screw it!

It was a Lazy Sunday, although it wasn’t that lazy, because Elise did her entire White Cockatoo project today and there were no tears and hardly any arguments involved, which is a miracle because homework with Elise is not usually a fun thing.

Actually, in my humble opinion, homework is pretty much the worst thing about parenting.

But today I learned about the cockatoos of the world.

Elise worked very hard on her project and I’m really proud of her (and I think she’s pretty proud of herself).

I finally finished that scarf today.

I got almost halfway through a new book I downloaded and that I’m devouring because it’s exactly what I needed right now.


Screw it.

It was a good day anyway.

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