Shark Food.

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First full day of vacation:

I barely slept last night. Things were feeling weird, the bed was too squishy, and I was having half lucid strange dreams. Got finally woken up in the morning by people screaming (cheering) out my window. 

I headed downstairs and out onto the front porch to see that there was a road race going on – hence the cheering/screaming that was coming from next door – a bunch of people who were really, really supportive of racers they didn’t know. About one minute after stepping out onto the porch, the skies open and it starts to downpour.

Two hours later, still cloudy, we head to the beach. It’s cold there. The water is also very cold. Elise and I walk up and down the beach collecting pretty rocks, then we have lunch. While eating our sandwiches there is a commotion on the beach and suddenly people are up and running toward the water and pointing.



Some sort of very, very large seal was frolicking in the water very close to shore. It was very cute, but not cool, because you know what seals are around these parts? Shark food. You know what else is sort of like shark food? Anyone in the water near a fucking seal. 

Just as we started having fun in the frigid water (ha, yea right, I barely made it in up to my waist), someone decides we should leave because the clouds aren’t letting up and it’s frankly pretty chilly. We go back to the house, shower, and then some of us head to the grocery store for things we forgot, where I found:

Wherever I go, there you are, Starbucks. And the best thing is that it’s a Mocha Coconut Frappichino. At home, coconut is a special flavor that they only have once in a while – in Cape Cod, apparently it’s a staple. I even asked to find out for sure whether they have it all the time. They are lucky folks, the locals here.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again all day, so we are going to go see Batman, TDKR. I am overly excited about that. 

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