She Lights Up the Room

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My baby girl played Lumiere in this year’s camp musical. It wasn’t a big production, the story was heavily edited and it only had three songs and was fifteen minutes long, but there were only 8 speaking roles in the entire cast of 25 or so kids and my baby girl welcomed everyone to be her guest.

Maybe one of these days I’m going to have to stop referring to her as “my baby girl” but that is what she is and will always be – I finally get it, I finally get why my mom and grandparents always still call me that – well, sometimes. 

At any rate, I feel like when Elise is in high school she’s going to be way into drama, as she has quite the flair for acting. 

I’m so, so proud of you for working so hard and doing so well, Elise! You were the star! 

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