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I shed you as I would shed a skin, with some awkwardness perhaps, and at first a sensitivity to the touch of the new, but without pain and certainly without regret. ~ John Updike

Sometimes the exuses to not be writing just pile up on top of each other until they weigh me down to the point of indifference. Finding myself, or rather, revealing myself in a way I have never done before, was something that I thought could break my walls down and force me to perform.

However, this is a double-edged sword, something that can backfire all too easily, I know. 

You know, when you are putting on a show you are performing as a character that is just a shadow of yourself – a skin that you can slip into, to make it easier to do the things that are normally hard to do when you know there are people out there watching you, judging you, and waiting for you to fail.

Or succeed. 

I suppose I haven’t lost hope that I’ll have my successes as well someday. I suppose I haven’t lost that hope quite yet.

So here I am, hello. 

My name is Cheney, did I mention that?

Maybe you found me through my old writing blog, maybe you’ve come to me through my twitter feed – but either way, thank you. Thank you for being here, for being a part of this big change that I am putting myself through, thank you for reading my words, however few and redundant they may be.

Please, let me know you are out there.

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