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Something remarkable happened today. I was given the opportunity to be honest with my boss without the fear of retaliation, and I told him that I was unsatisfied here at my job, mostly due to not being paid what I feel I deserve, and I told him that the best thing he could do for me at this point is give me a stellar job recommendation. And he will. 

I’ve been wanting to leave my current job for a while. It’s not something I’ve blogged about since I don’t want to get Dooced, but the job has really been one of the biggest dark clouds hanging over my life in the past few (six to eight) months, and now that I know I can take my time finding a new, better job with a great recommendation from my current boss, it’s like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel liberated, free, and easy. Really, it feels like I’ve been walking around with a ton of bricks on my shoulders and I’ve just finally been able to set them down.

I’m still nervous about job searching, but nowhere near as nervous as I would be if I didn’t know that I was going with my bosses’ blessing, and certainly not as nervous as I would be if I were currently unemployed. I get to take my time now and find something that is right for me, and figure out what I am going to do to navigate the next part of my life. 


Lots of bloggers pick ‘words to live by’ at the end of the year, and Shmutzie, one of my favorite writers, has picked Shift for her 2012 guiding word. I was thinking of doing this myself this year, and need to come to a decision soon. Shift isn’t quite it for me, though. I want to shift, yes. I want to shift out of my current job and into a new one, out of my current home and into a new one – but I want to settle as well. I want to be comfortable and rested no matter where I am in my life or any of it’s stages, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ll figure out this word eventually, just like I will eventually write about Christmas and reflect on Elise’s birthday. I just feel like so much has been going on lately, I’ve hardly been able to do anything CREATIVE.


I have been following a writer named Nova Ren Suma for some time now. I adore her blog, she has one of the best writing/book blogs I’ve ever come across in my life, and I was waiting not so patiently for my anticipated Christmas gift of Amazon gift certificates so I could get some books I have been dying to read. So tonight, Nova’s book Imaginary Girls arrived in the mail, along with a few others. I started this one right away, mostly because not only did I anticipate it, but I sort of feel like a tool talking to this author on Facebook and on her blog and not having read her novel. Well, here I am up late, I could barely put it down and will pick it up again after I finish this quick blog, because, wow. I’m being blown away by her writing. It’s WAY BETTER than I ever thought it could be. See, I am usually into urban fantasy and paranormal YA books, I have not found many regular “literary” YA books that I’ve enjoyed, and this… I am not sure yet what genre this book will eventually fall into, other than the genre of AWESOME. 

Feel like sharing some thoughts?