Silent Hill

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(Rated R for scary horror gifs and S for spoilers!!!)

So tonight, instead of doing anything productive, my friend Robert came over and we watched Silent Hill. I tried watching this movie by myself once but I was too freaked out about a half hour into it so I turned it off and never finished it until now.


Holy crap! What a scary/freaky/fucked up movie!

First of all, things are always scarier when there are little children involved. First, a little girl goes missing, “sleep walking” off into some f’ed up old town where there are fires burning underground. Except this little adopted girl’s mom doesn’t go into a town, she goes into some terrible rift in the fabric of reality, some nightmare other-world new dimension.

And there is a terrible, evil darkness there. Filled with terrible things.


I never played the video game that this was based on – is that how it worked? I don’t even know. But I hear the video game is terrifying, and I can’t imagine playing something that would scare me like this movie scared me. I wouldn’t want to keep playing. I would just be like NOPE and put the controller down and go look at kittens.

I would definitely give this five stars as far as horror movies go, though. It was totally terrifying and enjoyable and entertaining. All those good things.

Oh! And it was filled with TONS-O-GORE which I love. Because I am weird and kind of creepy like that.

Also? You don’t want to run into this guy:


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