In the Weeds

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   These aren’t actually weeds. These are actually the berried tips of tree right outside my balcony.  I have no idea what kind of tree this is it what it will look like in the summer, but it’s pretty now in the winter gloom, hanging with dew, brightening up a shitty, stress filled day. 

Still Learning

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My mom told me that my dad really wanted me to make him a lap blanket for Christmas. I agreed, because my dad is notoriously hard to shop for besides basic things like Dunkin gift cards (my go-to gift for him) and now, the occasional book as he’s finally picked up reading as a hobby in his fifties. Of course, … Read More

Who does she think she is?

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Who does she think she is? I ask myself this over and over as I’m sitting at my vanity, applying thick coats of concealer and constructing my mask. Yesterday I cut my hair short – boy short. Today I do the hard work of hiding myself, turning my pretty girl face into just another anonymous guy. Who does she think … Read More

An Elixir of Excitement and Dread

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… I would tell you that I’m going to a wedding today that I have been looking forward to all summer, but my anxiety is threatening to ruin it for me. … I would tell you that I have the intention of giving up alcohol after today, which makes the anticipation of this “last hurrah” as exciting as it is … Read More

Just Start

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Yesterday I was forced to give something up in order to change my life – again. I cannot be the only one out there who feels like inside they are constantly changing while on the outside they are doing their best to project the safe, familiar, comfortable and recognizable “selves” to the world. Yesterday I was asked, “How do you … Read More


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As the days of summer are dwindling away – I can’t believe it’s almost over already! – we are spending more and more time at the pool and the beach, anywhere outside to enjoy the sun and the warmth when we can. For some reason I am feeling an overwhelming sense of foreboding every time I think of the impending … Read More

If You Love What You Do

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I got in trouble at work again this week and now I’m terrified that I’m going to be fired. I gave my boss an attitude. Again. I didn’t mean to. I’m always sorry, because I never mean to, I swear (and swore to him), but saying sorry doesn’t help in this situation, and now I’m facing consequences. He’s cut my … Read More