The System is Broken

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I’ve been feeling really anxious lately, more worried, more on edge, more depressed. It’s a terrible thing because I do suffer from depression and anxiety and I know that it can present its symptoms in cycles. I’ve been feeling really good and I’ve been off of medication for over a year now, but now I am thinking it’s time to … Read More


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Today my parents are celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary.  My grandparents will be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I have been off my depression/anxiety meds for one year today.  And now it’s been exactly seven years. That’s a whole hell of a lot of stuff to celebrate, and mourn, and ponder over.  And my boss humiliated me infront of … Read More

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I really want to enjoy this weekend but I am not sure that’s going to happen. Valentine’s Day. Just another annoying holiday, as most holiday’s annoy me, cause I am a Negative Nancy and feel like holidays are just for reminding people who are alone how alone and lonely they are. I’m also super stressed because, you know, of course … Read More

Feeling the SAD

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I’m here somewhere, but I feel half gone now. I think it’s the cold, and the dark, and the winter. You know, I think we all thought it was going to be mild and fly by, nothing to worry about, nothing we’ll remember a few years from now. But it snows a few times a week. Forecasters (as useful and … Read More

We’re in a Tight Spot

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I feel like I’ve been like this all weekend: I just want to keep my hood up and head down and just sit here quietly by  myself and read Unbroken and pretend that I don’t have do anything of the things I have to do until the moment I hand over a wad of cash and sign my name on … Read More

Currently Rocking This Nablogopobloblahblah Thing

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Whelp, I’m drunk. I knew this would happen eventually if I was going to do NaBloPoMo, because Saturday nights I usually go to a friend’s house to have a bottle of wine after work. We work together, she and I. I don’t know if I should name her by name because I don’t know whether she would be mad about … Read More