The Awkward First Post

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  I’m a blog hopper, always swearing at the start of a new blog that I will be consistent and post there forever – no more blog hopping! But it always turns out to be a lie. “Consistent” is not a word I would offer to describe myself to someone getting to know me. “Fickle” fits much better. I have … Read More

Fascinating Things

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This, her reflection in a CD, was a fascinating thing today. Now that the year is winding to a close faster than I can even handle – we’re almost to Thanksgiving! UGH! I have been thinking a lot about the goals I set for myself this year and whether I want to continue them next year or add new, different … Read More

People Do Things 

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Well today was quite a day. I took Elise to school, came home, took a shower, fixed myself some more coffee, and watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Then, I procrastinated on the internet for about two and half hours, then had a snack. THEN I wrote 3,036 words, bringing my NaNoWriMo day two total (so far) to … Read More

Gifts of Sorts 

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   I finally finished this project today.  Well, I finished it a week ago, but I finally ironed, matted, and framed it  today so that I could give it to my friend Stef whose wedding was two weeks ago.  Oops. She was on her honeymoon, anyway.  She seemed thrilled about this gift. She actually said I was the only one … Read More