Day is Done

CheneyLetters To Elise, Parenting2 Comments

We took Elise to her first appointment with an Endocrinologist today to find out why my nine year old is the size of a six year old. I don’t even know where to begin. So I’m just not going to right now. I’m okay, we’re okay. I’m just bewildered by life and the world and just need to process some … Read More

Work Sucked, So This Isn’t a Real Post

CheneyDaily Grind1 Comment

I spent about an hour making my own memes and writing a post about why this week at worked sucked so much, and then I’m like, Cheney, stop being such a horrible blogger. I have funny stories to tell! I have funny memes to share! Why do it at midnight on a Saturday after throwing it all together it one … Read More

Oops, I Did It Again

CheneyDaily Grind3 Comments

By which I mean I said I was going to do a monthly blogging challenge and keep blogging daily and then I didn’t. What a big surprise there. So, I took a few days off from blogging. In that time I’ve had some really shitty days at work, two panic attacks, put up a Christmas tree, tore it down in … Read More

Oh, It’s December.

CheneyDaily Grind4 Comments

It happens every year that I feel like December just sneaks up on me. I mean, I will swear to it that time actually passes faster after you’ve spawned your own offspring and get to watch them grow every day. So years just fly by, and all of a sudden whoops, there goes Thanksgiving, and now it’s December, and in … Read More

Blog Wrangling

CheneyBlogging13 Comments

Today, I spent $24 and about three hours “blog wrangling” as I call it. Fighting with CSS code to get my new theme “Zuki” to look the way I want it to look. I’m not quite there yet, because I am not sure how I can get the featured image to NOT show up at the top of all … Read More

Brain Dump #1

CheneyMiscellany7 Comments

+ I am very tired. I am not going to be able to write a coherent post tonight, so instead you will get a list of thoughts and things. + I worked yesterday from 6:45am to 3pm. I got up at FIVE IN THE MORNING to do that, because yes, I really do need all that time to acclimate to … Read More