Just Like This

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I’ve been spending a lot of time alone lately, and spending a lot of that time trying to figure stuff out about myself and make myself better. Does that sound weird? It’s true. I think a lot of people probably have times in their lives where they really want to make some drastic change because they think it will make … Read More


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It’s the first day of summer. A new season. A new chapter here. And there’s really no gentle way to segue into this one. When my daughter Elise was much younger she was diagnosed with a number of conditions, and because (as some people would say) I am a terrible mother, I didn’t define her, or let our lives be … Read More

A ton of bricks

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It’s my high school love’s birthday today. Isn’t it stupid how we hold on to these little bits of information that become useless after a while? I think it would be great to be able to delete memories from our lives that we don’t want anymore, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  If I could just be like, … Read More

Keep Choosing

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What if a demon came to you in your loneliest moment. Said: this life, just as you have lived it. Would you choose it over and over again for all eternity? Are you strong enough to want nothing more? Not On Fire, But Burning – by Greg Hrbek

Read Like Nobody’s Watching

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   Finally we’re at this point where I don’t have to constantly tell Elise – read, keep reading, keep reading, when she has to do her required number of pages per day. It’s like how I don’t mind getting up a little earlier every morning to do my morning pages, my three pages of longhand writing before anything else (except … Read More

The Deep Darkness of Sleeping Poorly

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   If you follow me on Twitter you will know two things about me that others might not know, which is that I’m obsessed and Tweet about 2 things in particular more than any other things: sleep and coffee. Sleep and coffee, folks. I can’t ever have enough of either. For all my life I’ve been a night owl, not … Read More

Ready to Believe I’m Ready to Change

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One of my favorite poets, Nicole Blackman, once wrote: You must change your life. You are never ready. I discovered her poetry in high school, and for some reason I’ve held on to those words for over fifteen years. Every time I think about changing something in my life, in fact, those two lines of poetry spring up from the … Read More