A ton of bricks

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It’s my high school love’s birthday today. Isn’t it stupid how we hold on to these little bits of information that become useless after a while? I think it would be great to be able to delete memories from our lives that we don’t want anymore, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  If I could just be like, … Read More


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Lately I’ve been freaking out about not writing. More broadly, I’ve been freaking out about how I feel that I am adrift, directionless. I don’t see a path for my future from where I’m at now, and I am honestly not sure how I am going to get there, or anywhere, when I am stuck in this funk of feeling … Read More


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This is number 242 out of 365 pictures I plan on taking this year. It is most definitely the worst of the photos, all 241 that have come before have been better composed and lighted and timed. This one was taken in my mother’s dim living room from at least six feet away. I was zoomed all the way in … Read More

Work Sucked, So This Isn’t a Real Post

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I spent about an hour making my own memes and writing a post about why this week at worked sucked so much, and then I’m like, Cheney, stop being such a horrible blogger. I have funny stories to tell! I have funny memes to share! Why do it at midnight on a Saturday after throwing it all together it one … Read More

Day 77 – New Digs

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  So, here’s the deal. I made a new website. WWW.HELLOCHENEY.COM Yeah, I know. But the truth is I only have my blog on WordPress.com for the community aspect of it (WAVES HELLO TO ALL THE WONDERFUL NEW BLOGGING FRIENDS I’VE MADE THIS YEAR!) but I actually hate not being able to host my own website and have total control … Read More