Thanksgiving 2015

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Our family had to celebrate Thanksgiving today because on actual Thanksgiving my dad has to go to work. All day. On Thanksgiving. The particular retail establishment where he is a general manager is opening at 8am on Thanksgiving morning and staying open ALL NIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT into Black Friday, and then finally closing at 11pm, which is two hours … Read More

Let the Binge Begin

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   When I was a kid my mom loved this show, and because my mom loved this show I did everything in my power to pretend that I hated this show and “suffered” through every episode my mom enjoyed.  Well, hindsight is such a bitch sometimes, because I realize now that I loved this show all along and I was … Read More


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This is number 242 out of 365 pictures I plan on taking this year. It is most definitely the worst of the photos, all 241 that have come before have been better composed and lighted and timed. This one was taken in my mother’s dim living room from at least six feet away. I was zoomed all the way in … Read More

Fried Clam Heaven 

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We went to Captian Scott’s Lobster Dock today with my parents, grandparents, and our family friends and next-door neighbors Steve & Joyce. I had the fried clam strips, obviously, because that is really the only seafood I like besides New England Clam Chowder, which I also consumed, in slightly lesser quantities. It was wonderful being all together. Tomorrow will be … Read More

A very merry un-birthday

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Since Elise’s grandparents won’t be in Connecticut for Christmas they decided to celebrate it today instead. So, Elise got a sweet Friendley’s ice cream cake roll and a family serenade. I’m just not going to talk about how she’s really going to be TEN in a few months.

Cilantro Lover 

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   My sister is apparently one of those people who thinks that cilantro tastes like soap. It’s genetic apparently, and thankfully a gene that we do not share because I LOVE cilantro.  Thanks to my sister’s unfortunate sense of taste, I got to take home the best salsa I’ve ever had – black bean salsa from Stew Leonard’s – and … Read More

Pool Daze

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Elise has become a most excellent swimmer over the last year. When we were in Florida in April I let Elise go into the deep end for the first time, and for the first time I could finally relax because I realized that she really is strong enough to be there. I feel like last summer she could barely tread … Read More